Top 3 Tips for Cleaning Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats come in different shapes, sizes, designs, styles, and colours. You’re free to select what matches your kitchen or office design. However, you can never enjoy their benefits until you learn how to clean them. Here are the dos and don’ts when cleaning custom anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

Sweep It Using a Broom

Sweep your mats using a good broom or a bristle brush daily to remove debris, food wastes, dust, and mud. If you find the dirt dry and loose, shake it off over your trash can. To make your cleaning sessions more comfortable, ensure you clean your mats within short time intervals so that stains and spots become easier to wipe off. Don’t wait until your mats get too dirty that they will require a lot of your time and energy.

Wash It with Plenty of Water

After wiping off the debris, dust, mud and food wastes, ensure you also wash your mats. Get some lukewarm water and mix with mild liquid soap. Apply the soap-water mixture to the mats using a soft brush, and then scrub repeatedly. Make sure no stain or spot remains after you let them dry.

Avoid Mechanical Methods

Due to the nature of materials used in the manufacture of anti-fatigue mats, aggressive and mechanical cleaning methods are highly discouraged. Avoid things like washing machines and dryers. Also, avoid hosing at maximum pressure. They only require gentle handling. Besides, use only the recommended soap,

Many jobs now require that you be on your feet for long. Therefore, anti-fatigue mats happen to have come in handy to help mitigate backaches and fatigues that may result from staying on feet for long.