3 Ps You Need to Start a Subscription Box Business

Box that is strapped

Everything is on-demand these days. With one click, your favorite movie is streaming, your snacks are delivered, and the whole web knows what you’re doing. This is an era where getting up from the couch to actually buy the things you need seems deplorable. Why go out when you can have it delivered?

This is precisely why subscription boxes boomed seemingly overnight. According to Forbes, in April 2017, subscription company websites had 37 million visitors. That’s 800 percent more than the traffic they received three years prior.

Subscription boxes are specially curated packages delivered to subscribers monthly. It contains items that fit a theme. Right now, favorite subscription boxes are for food, clothing, and beauty products. With over 2,000 different sub boxes, you’d have to think about how your own would stand out from the rest. Here are four things you need to start with:


Ask yourself what the purpose of your box is. Is it for organic beauty products? Weekly food portions? Newly released books? It’s better if your main product is something you’re passionate about. Then, decide on delivery times. Do you want it monthly or quarterly?

You also have to scope out your materials. What boxes are suitable for deliveries? Salt Lake City-based container and packaging supplier, Nash Packaging, recommends boxes that are durable but also grab attention and boost your brand value.


The content of your box is what’s most important. Establishing contact with suppliers that can give you the items you need is the key. Make sure that you’re getting items at a reasonable price without compromising their quality. If you can, test the products yourself so you can vouch for their quality.


Your business wouldn’t take off without a platform to spring from. This is where you can establish your brand and connect with your potential subscribers. The most effective platforms right now are social media networks. Using them, it’ll be easier to know what your subscribers like from their box and what they want in the future.

A bonus P you need is perseverance. Not everyone succeeds in this business. But if you keep trying to get better, success can be delivered right to your door. Just like subscription boxes.