Brexit with No Deal: The Risks for Science and Technology Jobs

European Union and British Union Jack flag in London

London mayor Sadiq Khan released a study that showed the risks to science and technology jobs, especially if the UK decides to leave the European Union without a deal.

The analysis noted that 92,000 jobs would be jeopardised if the country exits the EU Single Market and Customs Union without a contingency plan. To date, as much as 11,000 of those jobs are in London.

Risky Transition

Aside from London, human resources recruitment in Dartford and other areas will have to step up to avert a potential decline in science and technology workers. Theo Blackwell, a London chief digital officer, said that a no-deal Brexit would affect the growth and development of these sectors from the previous years.

As a result, the capital city will be less competitive from the science and tech hubs of its global counterparts. Blackwell said that this should compel the government to consider a smooth transition to protect not just jobs, but also investments and employment growth. Even before a no-deal Brexit might take place, the number of available jobs in London has already declined in December 2017.

Fewer Jobs

Morgan McKinley Employment Monitor data showed that jobs in London fell 37% in last month of the previous year. Active job hunters also dropped by 30% year over year. Brexit mainly contributed to the decline in available jobs.

However, the Christmas season also served as one factor due to business closures, holiday absences, and those waiting for bonuses, according to Morgan McKinley. Hakan Enver, Morgan McKinley’s Financial Services Operations Director, said that the holidays prompted most people to focus on the festivities instead of hiring personnel.

A careful execution of Brexit will ensure that jobs will remain secure in the future, so the British government must be prudent enough to foresee the consequence of exiting the EU without a clear transition plan.